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Rockstar officially announced in June of 2014 that it will release the PC version of the game in console versions after GTA 5, as it did in previous GTA games, and GTA 5 announced that it will release the PC version in fall 2014.The GTA 5 PC version, which is highly anticipated by gamers, will debut as a console player with all the updates published for the GTA Online mod and game after the game.Grand Theft Auto 5, which has the broadest open world of games Rockstar has developed so far, is a radical change compared to previous games of the series.In Grand Theft Auto 5 we no longer direct a single hero. It gives us the ability to manage 3 different heroes and make the transition between them as we wish.Every hero has a special life story and special talents. The fact that heroes have different abilities adds variety and excitement to the game.

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Advanced IP Scanner is a free, fast and easy-to-use network scanner for the Windows operating system. This tool finds all the computers in your network in seconds and provides easy access to various files, whether HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or common files. With the Advanced IP Scanner, you can remotely wake up and shut down Windows machine groups.

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Fast network scanning

With the Advanced IP Scanner, you can simultaneously scan hundreds of IP addresses at high speed. The software supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and common file browsing. Scan your network for more information about all connected devices, including computer names and MAC addresses.

Remote PC Shutdown

This function allows you to shut down a remote machine or a group of machines running on a Windows operating system. You can use your default access rights to turn it off or set a username and password. At the end of the day, all the computers that are going to be turned off with one operation are displayed on a personalized list, making them very useful for system administrators.

Wake on LAN

If the machine's network card supports "Wake on LAN", you can wake up any machine or machine group remotely using the Advanced IP Scanner software.

Simple and user-friendly interface

Advanced IP Scanner has a simple, user-friendly interface. For simpler batches, it allows you to save a list of computers to be scanned to the Favorites list. Advanced IP Scanner automatically loads your Favorites at startup. You can then choose whether to browse the entire network or only the computers in the Favorites list.

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DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card
Keyboard & Mouse

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