Download WhatsApp Messenger For Pc / Windows

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I share with you one of the world's most popular applications. From here you can immediately download and use the WhatsApp messenger for your computer.You can download the WhatsApp messenger program for your pc and install it easily and safely free of charge from our page.

WhatsApp Messenger can now be used as a running program without depending on the internet browser

Popular messaging application The WhatsApp Messenger PC, which meets us as the desktop version of WhatsApp Messenger, gives us a chance to use WhatsApp on our computers.With the app, which is completely free, we can track all of our instant messaging from the desktop and send back files, photos and videos to my friends. The version of WhatsApp Messenger Pc, which allows you to easily use almost all the features of mobile versions on your desktop, is really handy.

How to Use WhatsApp Computer Edition ?

In order to use the WhatsApp desktop version, which runs on the basis of the previously published WhatsApp Web version, the application must be open on your phone and you must pair your computer and mobile device. All you need to do is to read the QR code on your computer screen with the help of the Menu - WhatsApp web tab on the application. The only difference from the web version of the desktop program is that it does not need any browser. As a result, if you're using WhatsApp on your smartphones, the WhatsApp desktop is definitely one of the software that must be found on your computers.

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